Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I tried skipping a dose of Lyrica Sunday and ended up with a ferocious panic attack. Not gonna do that again, at least, not off the weed maintenance program. I certainly can't afford weed, not when I can't even pay my phone bill. I've been off work so long. honestly, I am not looking forward to the prospect of spending 6 hours trying to be productive. or of trying to pass a drug test. just 1 day without weed and I am already jonesing. fun with classical conditioning. not to mention super-low endocannabinoids.

I'm hovering on the edge of full-blown sick, with a fever and chills and a fearsome thirst. I hate being ill. I start class tonight, and at 3.5 hours, it's going to be miserable. I hope the room is cold. I have no idea how I will sit still that long well, let alone fevered and gulping water and pissing 16 oz every 40 minutes.

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