Monday, March 08, 2010

see you at the crossroads

It's gonna be awhile before I can write about the past couple weeks in any sort of depth. bad reaction to Yasmin had me feeling like I'd been set on fire, my MDs decided it was narcotic withdrawal despite the fact that I was taking 60 mg a day of hydrocodone, I went to the ER, got sent to the state mental hospital, went 8 days without seeing the sky or riding my bike, got out, had Howard Brown fire me as a patient because my health problems are beyond their scope of practice, one of the nurse practitioners there somehow gave my therapist the idea that I was a narcotic addict so now she's refusing to treat me, Howard Brown refused to refill my pain meds because I won;t have a laparascopy done so now I am detoxing, I had to drop two classes, I'm weeks behind in the 3 I kept, I lost 5 pounds cos the fucking state hospital's idea of gluten-free meals are a scoop of government peanut butter and three cups of canned fruit cocktail...

hospitals trigger my ptsd like fucking hell and if it weren't for all the meds I"m on right now I think I'd be fucked out of my mind.

right now the only thing that is helping is eating bacon cherry chocolate chip pancakes 4 meals in a row.

and this beautiful amazing inspiring song, which I've got on repeat.

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