Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Weds already.

I woke up up early, for me, at ten. Discomfort levels are pretty high. Tired, sore, with the sort of pulsing ache under my skin that has always been the main symptom. it's beautiful and sunny out, looks crispy, so maybe after eating and giving the pills time to digest I'll get out for a ride.

The fixie Alex left me apparently had a suicide hub just Locktited on, and it fell apart Saturday night. Baffled the boys I was with. There's a women/trans' night at West Town tonight, and I'm hoping they can show me how to fix it. Guess it needs a lock ring. Otherwise it's gonna be chewing gum, which I was assured is a Rat Patrol secret. Can't be much worse than Locktite.

I don't know why I didn't make better use of the bike co-op back home. I imagine shyness and Saturday hangovers had the largest part to do with it. I wish I had. If wishes were horses, though, I'd have a floor full of shit.

I sorted a shit ton of old clothes into rags and Gaia offerings, so I am hoping my inability to cough up 10 Ds for the "donation" will be assuaged by gifts of shop rags and purple rice milk. I'm completely skint, probably 45 cents to my name if I look in the couch.

It's purifying, I guess, but I sure am tired of rice and beans.

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