Thursday, March 27, 2008

come get you something to eat

tonight I made myself a delicious feast, despite being stood up due to the weather (which is no excuse in this age of INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY and TEXTING EFFING GOOGLE FFS:

masamam curry with tofu skin, sweet potatoes, zucchini, and square rice noodles.

steamed kale in warm onion/garlic/rice wine/sesame vinaigrette, with toasted sesame and flax seeds.

took less than 10 minutes prep and then about 10 to cook. curry paste is a few bucks at the asian grocery and vegan/msg-free versions can be found with careful label-reading. it's insanely easy to make- you just whisk it into coconut milk, simmer, add water and chopped up ingredients and cook til shit is done. this is why I rarely want to eat out Thai Food. it's way cheaper to make at home.

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