Sunday, March 16, 2008

now that you've made me want to die, you tell me that you're unboyfriendable

chick friday

going to see the Magnetic Fields tonight. I haven't been to see many shows here, mostly out of poverty, but since they enacted the smoking ban I am looking forward to going out more. at least, once I get a dang job. my escort tonight is the precious little Rat Patrol boy I befriended at the library- his original date had something come up. honorary big sister status is teh shit.

Chicago has all sorts of clever little venues that aren't quite bars. Being from a small town I got spoiled on seeing good music for 8 bucks up the street from my house with a crowd of under 150, but it seems like the better bands (or their managers) tend to go for the smaller places. I know seeing Lucero at the Metro with what must have been 800 to a thousand wasted and screaming fans was excruciating.

Now that I don't feel like I need a cane to stand upright I have all kinds of things to look forward to.

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